Week 23 – MKMMA Do It Now

“Do It Now”.

I have stated that phrase over fifty times a day since we began putting it on 3×5 cards. It seems as if it is suck in my brain, which is a good thing. I notice as I go through the day whenever there is something to do that I might have put off doing in the past, the voice in my head says gently and quietly, “Do It Now”. A very few times I ignore the voice to my detriment. After all this time I am finding the habit of doing it now brings a feeling of peacefulness. The MKMMA program is miraculous!

Week 22A – MKMMA

Albert Einstein remarked that the thinking that got us to this point in time is insufficient to deal with what is before us now. The Master Key in Lesson 22 paragraph 1 states, “Knowledge is of priceless value, because by applying knowledge we make our future what we wish it to be. When we realize that our present character, our present environment, our present ability, our present physical condition are all the result of past methods of thinking, we shall begin to have some conception of the value of knowledge.” We as a human family have gotten to this point in time with our thinking , as a group not what each of us have accomplished individually, and what is before us as humanity will only be something other than the past when we collectively think different thoughts then the past gives us, what the past thinking has provided for humanity to think. While there have been numerous individuals, Og, Emerson, Jefferson, etc; who spoke thoughts of wisdom for all of us, it seems humanity (or the leaders) ignores the wisdom to plunge on blindly to the future given to mankind by our past thoughts. As my wife Robin recently said, “What if they gave a war and no one showed up to fight.” (except those leaders who say we should go to war)  What if 10 million people walked peacefully to our capitol to say let’s not fight over there (Europe, Asia, the middle East, Antarctica, or anywhere). Let us become aware of the God in each of us.

I saw a video today of the police shooting a man with his hands in the air. They then proceeded to shoot into a car with three other people in it for several minutes. The people in the car  were yelling , “Please stop shooting.” The police obviously weren’t trying to hit them with bullets because all of the shots into the car were at the roof. I was horrified to such a point I could not watch the complete video. I know from police reports no one else was killed. What if everyone who was stopped by the police held their hands in the air and said, ALL LIVES MATTER!

I am heart broken by this – all of it so unnecessary.  What if 10 million people walked peacefully to our capitol to say let’s stop creating our police as an arm of the military. What if 10 million people walked peacefully to our capitol to say let’s give GOD’S LOVE a chance!

Week 22 – MKMMA

We have only a few weeks to go before the completion of MKMMA. With so little time left I feel senioritis creeping up on me. You know where classes are skipped or incomplete assignments showing up in my space. Those moments where I only want it to end so I can get on with my “REAL” life. Letting all the thoughts, ideas, and insights slowly slip away to a somewhat pleasant memory of; wasn’t that great, I remember it all marginally but use nothing.

That is the choice I see I can make or not. Given I am no longer 17 it doesn’t seem I can with any integrity sluggishly complete this program. My declaration in the matter is to powerfully do each assignment as given and to practice the tools we learned, and to finish The greatest Salesman the World the way it was designed to be finished.

Week 21 – MKMMA

Yesterday I had this great idea for my blog but did I write it down? No – I ignored “Do It Now” and spent most of yesterday and some of today trying to get it back.

It has to be in my subconscious somewhere, sitting quietly smiling and pondering why did he not listen to “Do It Now”? Thinking, I know I will wait until after this blog is written and in that moment of bliss when he is micro seconds from going to sleep I’ll spring it on him. He wont be able to sleep for a couple of hours as he tries to get it out of his head. Such is the cruelty of the subconscious. Or if subby is feeling really playful it waits days or weeks before it pops it into my head.

I know its the hard lesson learned that sticks around.

In the Master Key it states. “Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small and undesirable tendencies. This will remove innumerable petty and annoying obstacles from your path. You also become conscious of a larger world of thought, thereby increasing your mental capacity as well as placing yourself in position to accomplish something of value.” While reading this statement I experienced and ah hah  moment. Once the great idea is gone focus my thoughts on a large idea such as taking actions to fulfill on my DMP. Then those little petty and annoying obstacle seem to disappear.


Week 20 – MKMMA

Today our 7th Grandchild was born, Marshall Clendenin. As somebody important said (I cannot remember the name), “What a rush!” 🙂

The obituaries are the endings of peoples lives, Marshall’s birth is the beginning of life. I wonder what thoughts he will have as he goes through life. Can he be trained – taught- at an early age to master his thinking? If so, how might that alter his life? What kind of wonders is he going to create? Where will his thoughts lead him? As the Master Key states, “The power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of…” How will his world look in 75 years with the thinking Marshall shall contribute to it? At this point in his life it is all dreams and questions and hopes and joys about the future.

One day old tomorrow, what a treasure already.

Week 19 – MKMMA

5 weeks ago I thought I had the flu but after almost 4 weeks of it not getting much better I finally listen to the amazing Robin and went to the doctor. Imagine my chagrin, and a little embarrassment, when the doctor after tests informed me it was pneumonia. Oh yeah, the symptoms matched pneumonia not the flu even though some are the same. He gave me some medication, sent me home to heal. After 4 1/2 days of taking the meds I am now starting to feel on the upside of this.

Lesson learned; if it lasts longer than it is supposed to – see the doctor.  Listen to my wife. I did do the readings except for a few bad days of fever. I’m ready to Rock-n-Roll.

Week 18 – MKMMA

The Master Key week 18, paragraph 33 says, “Then let the thought rest on the fact that the spiritual man also lives and moves and has his being in a similar but subtler energy upon which he must depend for life, and that as in the physical world no life assumes form until after the seed is sown, and no higher fruit than that of the parent stock can be produced; so in the spiritual world no effect can be produced until the seed is sown and the fruit will depend upon the nature of the seed, so that the results which you secure depend upon your perception of law in the mighty domain of causation, the highest evolution of human consciousness.”

This week I have been thinking about that particular sentence. What seed do I want to sow in my thinking, since the fruit will depend on the nature of my thoughts. What thoughts will sow into the fields of my life? Mostly I have been a sluggish clod of dirt in my thinking, planting the seeds of cynicism, mockery, self-righteousness. While at the same time trying to strive to be a better person with my family, my friends, and every person I meet. Being somewhat duplicitous in my dealings with the guy in the mirror and yet not duplicitous since you really cannot lie to him for very long before it eats away at your very being. What now? I’m realizing that it is a journey of discovery, of growing each day, of learning to be a better person each day. Knowing this is giving me the freedom to live, to clean up the mistakes I make as quickly as possible, to live a life of joy, love, honor, truth, & beauty.

It is glorious to be alive at this moment in time. The wonders I experience. The beauty I see (the Amazing Robin for one). To have the time to do the thinking about life and God is marvelous and an honor.

Week 17A MKMMA

It has been an interesting week here. Many things happened but as Og says, “…I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose.” One of the things I have been dealing with learning to love every person I meet. And what I continually notice is my opinions, judgments, and assessments of everyone I meet rears its head as I go through the day; what do they look like, what should they look like, if they are to thin, if they are overweight, what clothes shouldn’t they be wearing, it goes on and on and on and on. The gift of MKMMA is in the work we do to manifest our DMPs. I notice I can bring a gift wherever I go. The gift of a smile, or a compliment or something to every person I encounter. This has made all of the difference for me. Given the Law of Substitution bringing these things, gifts etc, becomes easier each day.

Week 17 – MKMMA

I still have the flu – yeah 10 straights days of sickness :-(. I’ve been doing all my readings but whispering instead of saying out loud.

From our Master Key readings comes this wisdom, “We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love in theory, but in practice we make ourselves ‘graven images’ of ‘Wealth,’ ‘Power,’ ‘Fashion,’ ‘Custom’ and ‘Conventionality.’ We ‘fall down’ before them and worship them. We concentrate on them and they are thereby externalized in our lives.”

At first I found myself in agreement with this statement but only for the others in the world. Me! I don’t fall down to worship them, not I. Just the other 7 billion or so people in this world. But, Alas the more I thought about it I could see I should be looking in the mirror. You know that guy in the mirror, the only person I have to spend the rest of my life with, the only one I must look in the eyes and say I love you. The one who absolutely knows if I have done my best.

What there is to do is begin worshiping God, the God of Love. God is Love. And Love is the desire to do good unto others.