Week 2 MKMMA Wondering is this really going to work?

One of the interesting ideas for this week is the notion that intention is what we want and methods are how we obtain our wants. I’ve always looked at the methods, worrying what I can or can’t do based on the methods I think I can do. If it doesn’t seem I can do what I need to do to obtain what I want, I usually change what I want to what I can think I can make happen. I am grappling with the idea of not having to have my methods in line before I create what I want.

Now, hearing on our Sunday call I can create the idea with zero regard for the methods available to me is an entirely new concept for me. Wow! Imagine my life as created by me and lived for and from my Definite Major Purpose.

Another notion I am struggling with is my subconscious as explained in the Master Key book. I believed that I could think my way through anything, being able to create ways for achieving what I want but as I’ve discovered in this course, I haven’t looked at what I want as a creation. After reading The Master Key System book, I See, “…there is a vast difference between simply thinking, and directing our thoughts consciously, systematically, and constructively…” Mostly I’ve been simply thinking. Letting what thoughts I have free reign without regard to a Major Purpose or what I am creating by the thoughts I have.

Given the readings from this week on the “‘Law of Attraction’, which is the mind is creative, and will automatically correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation,” I am excited about the future I am creating using the Blueprint, The greatest Salesman in the World, The Master Key System, my guide, & the Sunday call.

One experience I had that seems to me to show some movement is doing the chore from our cards. I put down clean my desk. When I completed that task I experienced a sense of satisfaction & knowing I can do what I say. I am giddy about the next few weeks when the results of consciously directed thoughts start to show up more and more.  🙂


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