Week 3 of MKMMA – An Explosion of Thoughts

I noticed as I am meditating, leaving my mind “thoughtless” or as the Master Key System says, “…to not only be perfectly still, and inhibit all thought as far as possible, but relax, let go, let the muscles take their normal condition…” While in this pose my mind has a very difficult time of inhibiting thought.

It occurs, as I am a child at my first fireworks show. I remember the awe of seeing the spectacular explosions of light, the colors, the shapes, the exploding sounds, the smell of sulfur for the first time. It is utterly delightful. Yet, when my thoughts are exploding in a never ending display of fireworks it seems as random as the fireworks show as a child. I sometimes smile and have another thought of where did that come from? Then there are moments of quiet – I notice the quiet and BOOM, the fireworks of thoughts start again! Maybe someday I can have longer moments of “thoughtlessness”. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Week 3 of MKMMA – An Explosion of Thoughts

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