Week 6 MKMMA –

Week 6 MKMMA – Opinions Opinions

For two weeks I am to give up or keep to myself, when they do show up, all opinions that course through my mind. To begin with I realize I am opinions. I spend most days, hours, minutes of my life having opinions on everything around me. It seems as if I spend most of my time critiquing, judging, and assessing everything and everyone I contact.

As I am going through the last few days noticing my thoughts of opinion and letting them go, not speaking aloud my opinions, a curious revelation hit me like a splash of cold water in the face. I became aware that I miss out on what is happening in front of me. My critiquing of how it should happen or what I would do or what they should do prevents me from seeing who people are for themselves. It prevents me from enjoying the moment, the person, or the sheer joy of being alive.

I wonder how many things over the years I have missed. Instead of appreciating the sheer beauty of Yellowstone and being grateful for the God’s gift to us all, I have been thinking of how I might build a better road or have less people be there, etc.

Now I can stop the opinions and see what is in front of my eyes. I can appreciate the smile and shyness of my granddaughter Lola or any of a thousand moments each day. This priceless.


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