Week 7 MKMMA – Do It Now

Week 7 MKMMA – Do It Now

I am sitting on my rocking chair (yes, I have a rocking chair) trying to decide what to do. Should I do some of my MKMMA Service work or just read a bit? I think to myself, “I’ll read for a bit and do my service later.”

Out of nowhere I hear what I think is a voice saying, “Do it Now, Do It Now, Do It Now.”

I look around for who is speaking when I realize it was subby saying it. It was my mind saying DO IT NOW!

Sitting in stunned silence for a moment, then laughing out loud, I got up to complete my service.

Is MKMMA starting to work or what! I actually heard my own voice in my head speaking to me. I almost never hear my voice. (The voice that just said to you, “He has a voice but I don’t.” The voice that keeps us awake at night sometimes because it won’t shut up.)


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