Week 13 – MKMMA

Week 13 – MKMMA

I have been thinking of all the times where I completed or exceeded my goals I established. Every goal that I can remember I made a statement, to myself, I shall do that (going to college, having a small farm, getting married and having it be great, etc). How it would happen, in some cases I’ve never done it before, I had no idea only a desire to succeed. I took actions, sought after partners (alliances), kept inquiring into what needed to be done, who I had to be to have it happen, and I took those actions that appeared to be the correct ones to happen to move me forward. Even when some people were saying you can’t do that. I was doing what the Master Key System says is, constructive thinking. Looking back I never thought it wouldn’t turn out the way I created. It wasn’t in my thoughts at all – simply it will happen and what is the next action to have it happen.

The Master Key states, “Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed; and herein is the difference between idle thinking, which is simply dissipation of effort, and constructive thinking, which means practically unlimited achievement.” What I did when things were happening is constructively think. For the last few months (years?) I mostly been “idle thinking” or as I like to say, thoughting, having thoughts about lots of random ideas, things, stuff, opinions, advice, and/or people dissipating my efforts. And as Mark J. said on the MKMMA Webinar, you (meaning me) have been making promises and not doing it but saying to myself I WILL do double tomorrow. I’ll make it up. Blah, blah, blah.

This week my consciousness is directed towards thinking of my DMPs and other promises I make each day. I am saying, now, my DMP shall be realized – be fulfilled – be completed as I promised. I am letting the Universal Substance provide what is needed while I take the actions called for. The Master Key says, “Are we to inform the Omniscient as to the proper channel to be used to materialize our demand?” I believe the Universal Substance “will set causes in motion concerning which we may be entirely ignorant.” This is exciting!


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