Week 20 – MKMMA

Today our 7th Grandchild was born, Marshall Clendenin. As somebody important said (I cannot remember the name), “What a rush!” đŸ™‚

The obituaries are the endings of peoples lives, Marshall’s birth is the beginning of life. I wonder what thoughts he will have as he goes through life. Can he be trained – taught- at an early age to master his thinking? If so, how might that alter his life? What kind of wonders is he going to create? Where will his thoughts lead him? As the Master Key states, “The power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of…” How will his world look in 75 years with the thinking Marshall shall contribute to it? At this point in his life it is all dreams and questions and hopes and joys about the future.

One day old tomorrow, what a treasure already.

6 thoughts on “Week 20 – MKMMA

  1. Congratulations Carl! These grandbabies are precious! And as gramma of 18, know that you too can have a real part in helping that little one develop to think and dream and imagine and create. It’s awesome. We get to pass the torch, bit by bit day by day in their lives.
    No doubt, you will contribute great richness to him.
    May God bless he and you always.


    • Congratulations! Enjoy that little one to the moon and back! They are such a blessing in life. Love Personified.


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