Press Release

Press Release
Sacramento Bee November 28th, 2020

This is Barbara Walters reporting from beautiful Somerset, California and the home and farm of Carl May the renowned creator of the Religion of Service.

It took quite a long time to arrange this conversation with Carl given he travels the world creating good wherever he is. His busy lifestyle affords little time for this interview. So I am grateful he took the time.

Barbara: Carl, what had you start a religion?

Carl: I didn’t really start a new religion. My intent was only to revive, to invigorate, to bring awareness to what is already in the consciousness of humanity, to see the evolution of human consciousness unfold to the next level in my lifetime.

Barbara: Explain what you mean by evolution of human consciousness.

Carl: If we look at the history of mankind we’ll see thousands of years ago man would exterminate all people and property of the losers in a war. Gradually man decided to keep the property and eliminate the people. After hundreds or thousands of years of killing, people saw it was easier and more profitable to not kill the vanquished but to enslave them. Thus they gained wealth through property and the slaves working for their masters.

While you and I think of killing people as wrong, in their time it was proper, if one can say that. From their perspective it was what the conquerors did. Then slavery was what conquerors did.

Over time most people in the world came to see slavery as wrong, that human beings had certain inalienable rights given by our creator: life, liberty, & property. In the United States we fought a war to end slavery. Now, most people if we found out our neighbors are keeping slaves, we would be shocked. And certainly turn them into the authorities.

There is an evolution of human thinking happening in the world day after day and it has been happening since humans became self-aware and it will continue day after day until, I don’t think it will ever stop or we’ll get to a place as a species where there is no next level of human consciousness.

Barbara: So, how does this tie into religion?

Carl: I believe it is time for religion to become what is intended for humankind to experience with religion. A religion based on Love, Service, and Play. One that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A religion that uplifts the human consciousness to one of Service, Love, and Play.